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Body Scrub Services:

Salt Scrub

Made with herbal extracts, essential oils, Vitamin E, mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt

and our Ayurved Oil blend. These scrubs are ideal for easing stress while

exfoliating and moisturizing from head to toe, leaving skin silky smooth and glowing.


Set sail as the therapeutic effects of sea salt combine with the calming essence

of lavender. Let it take you on a journey to softer, smoother, and younger

feeling skin.

Peppermint and Rosemary

Awaken and revive your senses with the aroma of rosemary and mint. Coll and

revitalize sun damaged skin to a youthful soft glow.

Sugar Scrubs

Made with 100% Organic brown sugar, which contains AHAs, which help to even skin tone.

Essential oils and brown sugar produce natural fatty acids, which lock in moisture,

firm the skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin

silky smooth.

Mango and Ginger

Exfoliate your sin sweetly with premium brown sugar. It's antibacterial and great

for a variety of skin conditions, mixed with ginger to warm you and mango to

nourish the skin.

Vanilla and Orange

The aroma reminds you of a creamsicle and your skin feels so soft and beautiful.

One of our strongest exfoliaters.


Rich in antioxidants providing protection against damage to cells. Naturally

occurring fruit enzymes help sweep away dull skin cells.


Chocolate contains polyphenols and antioxidants that thwart free radicals which

are responsible for cell aging. Imagine all of these benefits derived from the

pleasures of chocolate.

Body Polishes

These scrubs gently exfoliate old skin while locking in vital moisture to keep skin

healthy and visibly radiant.


Our Satin Body Polish moisturizes more than lotion; The exquisitely silky smooth

finish that locks in the hydration and moisture for days.


Gently buff your body to a smooth finish with the bright crisp scent of true citrus.

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